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Fluffy's Nail-Care Regimen
July 1, 2020

Is your feline pal tearing up your sofa? If so, you’re in good company. This is a pretty common complaint among people owned by cats. Fluffy’s nail-care habits can be quite frustrating to her humans. We can help! A local California, MD veterinarian discusses kitty nail care below.


Your feline buddy may look suspiciously pleased with herself when she scratches, but she really isn’t deliberately trying to destroy your things. Cats instinctively keep their claws sharp. There’s a very good reason for this. In the wild, those little nails help kitties hunt, defend themselves, and climb trees for shelter and safety. That’s why you should never punish Fluffy for scratching. She’s just following her natural instincts, and won’t understand why that’s wrong.

Scratching Posts

Choosing a good scratching post isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are things to consider. First and foremost, pick one that’s tall enough to allow your furry pal to stretch to her full length. Kitties like to stretch as they are doing their nails! Also, be sure to get something sturdy. If Fluffy’s nail-care station wobbles, she may become frightened of it. You can also get a scratching board.

Forging Good Habits

You may need to teach your furball proper petiquette. If Fluffy scratches something she shouldn’t, do something that will startle her. Clap your hands, bang two pots together, or sound a bike horn. Your feline friend will probably hightail it for her favorite hiding spot. You can also do things to make your kitty’s chosen manicure station less inviting. Block the corner of the couch with a plant or end table, or put two-sided tape on the side of the chair she’s using. You’ll also need to reward your furry buddy for being good. When you see Fluffy using her scratching post, give her toys, treats, cuddles, and praise. It also won’t hurt to tell her she’s the best kitty ever. Cats love compliments!

Last Resorts

No luck? You can also consider having Fluffy’s claws clipped. Just like human manicures, this is painless and temporary. We only recommend it for indoor kitties, though: cats that are allowed outside need their nails for defense. Claw caps are another possibility. These are basically fake nails for your furry little diva. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you need to schedule a pawdicure? Contact us, your local California, MD vet clinic, today!

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