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Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Practice Manager

For as long as Alexis can remember, she’s been obsessed with dolphins. Every year, she’d visit Sea World as a child and imagine one day being able to swim alongside them. Of course, this doesn’t take away from her love of all other animals. Being able to work with any type of creature – land or sea – has been Alexis’ goal for as long as she can remember.

Alexis has been in the veterinary industry for more than a decade, working at various pet hospitals throughout Maryland. Previously, she served as Practice Manager at a clinic in Alexandria before deciding to find a job that would bring her closer to home. She joined the Breton Veterinary Hospital in March of 2022 and has quickly settled in as a vital and well-loved member of the team.

Clinically, Alexis really enjoys looking under the microscope and exploring the different types of bacteria, whether it is from the skin or ears. She also likes to clean and make sure things are organized in and around the clinic. When working with patients, Alexis gets great satisfaction from successfully drawing blood – especially when it’s from a moving target.

Outside of work, Alexis has a son who is currently attending the Naval Academy. The family is made complete with three Rottweilers: Ruby, Garnet and Amethyst. Ruby refuses to take any medicine without cheese, Garnet just learned how to blow water bubbles in the water dish, and Amethyst loves to give you her paw, whether it’s wanted or not.

When she’s not busy making sure the practice is running like a well-oiled machine, Alexis can usually be found pursuing her life’s ambition of swimming with dolphins as many times as possible. So far, the most memorable place she’s been able to do this was Roatan Honduras.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelle is a pet owner herself, and she knows exactly how she would want her own animal companion to be treated at the vet’s office. That’s why she strives to make each and every visitor to the clinic as comfortable, happy, and healthy as possible! Michelle is a Registered Veterinary Technician with the Breton Veterinary Hospital family.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Salisbury University and first entered the world of veterinary medicine in 2006. She became a member of the Breton Veterinary Hospital team in 2012, and she’s been helping the area’s pets and animal owners to live happier, healthier lives ever since. As a Tech, Michelle is fond of performing surgery and loves the instant results these techniques can give, and she’s also passionate about rescue work. 

At home, Michelle and her husband, Mark, live with their young son, Ryan, and a rescued Pit Bull named Cayley. As a family, they love to spend quality time together and especially enjoy taking the boat and jet-ski out on the Patuxent River.


Veterinary Assistant

Brittany has been obsessed with animals of every shape and size for as long as she can remember. As a pet owner herself, she knows exactly how she would want her own animal companions to be treated. She strives to impart that same level of care and attention to each and every visitor here at the clinic! Brittany is a proud member of Breton Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

A native of St. Mary’s County, Brittany completed her schooling at the College of Southern Maryland to earn her Veterinary Assistant’s certification. Shortly afterward, she signed on here at Breton Veterinary Hospital in August of 2020. The rest is history! Brittany loves getting to know all of the patients that come to the clinic and helping them to feel comfortable. She’s also fond of working alongside a team of animal-lovers just like herself. 

When she’s not at work, Brittany likes spending time with her family and friends, fishing in the summer months, and doting on her own pets at home. She has three dogs—a Husky named Dakota and a pair of Chihuahuas who go by Pumpkin and Piggy—and she’s also taking care of her sister’s cat while she serves in the United States Air Force.


Veterinary Assistant

Mandie knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field from a young age due to her passion for helping animals, big and small. As a Veterinary Assistant here at Breton Veterinary Hospital, Mandie feels fortunate to be able to enjoy such a rewarding career where she can apply her skills and also enjoy plenty of bonding time with our patients.

Ambitious from the start and anxious to get started, Mandie launched her own pet sitting business right out of high school. A short time later, she enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Penn Foster College. Upon finishing her externship at another clinic, Mandie decided it was time for a change and joined the Breton Vet team in 2020. Professionally, Mandie finds phlebotomy especially satisfying. She also enjoys her work as a surgical technician, setting up for procedures, prepping the patients, placing the equipment and monitoring vitals. 

At home, Mandie’s family consists of her husband, Peter, and their dog, Andy. When Andy was adopted, he was heartworm positive, but thanks to the couple’s care and attention, he is now healthy and heartworm free. Andy hates walking on carpet-less floors, and when forced to do so, he tip-toes as if he’s going to fall through ice.

Mandie’s personal interests include reading, crafting and baking. Her professional achievements include becoming CPR Certified and Fear Free Certified. 


Technician Assistant

Ever since she was a little girl, Kathy has been enamored with the wonderful, lovable creatures known as animals. Learning about them has always brought her joy, and as she’s gotten older, she’s become more eager to expand her knowledge about them. Now that she’s a veterinary assistant at Breton Veterinary Hospital, Kathy has officially taken the first step into the veterinary field!

Kathy loves all different types of animals, and her position at Breton Veterinary Hospital allows her to get closer to them and explore their unique personalities. She loves being a team player and helping her fellow staff members however she can. She’s also very excited about the opportunity to learn something new about the veterinary world everyday, all while gaining valuable experience.

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Kathy comes from a Guatemalan family consisting of her parents and 3 siblings. She is currently enrolled in the veterinary assistant program at College of Southern Maryland, where she is on track to receive her certification.

In her free time, Kathy enjoys spending time with her pets, 2 chihuahua mixes named Trixy and Peluche. She also loves hanging out with her friends, listening to music and baking yummy treats. You can even sometimes find her curled up on the couch reading a good book!


Technician Assistant

Growing up in Vietnam, Ny experienced many heart-breaking moments with her pets. In a country where people still struggle to access healthcare, animals do not get the same luxury. Being able to prevent her own pets from becoming sick and help them enjoy longer, healthier lives became a passion of Ny’s from a very young age. Even back then, a seed of hope was planted that she would one day become a veterinarian. As a technician assistant here at Breton Veterinary Hospital, Ny is happy to be one step closer to achieving her lifelong dream.

Thanks to improved opportunities here in the US, Ny has been able to continue her journey while also raising awareness for pet owners, especially in developing countries. She started volunteering at Breton in 2019 while attending school and was officially hired in June of 2022, upon her graduation from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Ny is currently in the process of applying to Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine to pursue her DVM.

Ny’s favorite part of the job is client education. Thinking back to when she lost her dog Den at a young age due to undiagnosed periodontal disease, she knows all too well how important educating pet owners is for improving the welfare of their companion animals. Had she known then what she knows now, she would have done something with Den’s stinky breath. She hopes to use her experience to help other pet parents understand that love simply isn’t enough to keep their loved ones healthy.

While most of her family remains in Vietnam, Ny resides here with her husband, Stephen, and their three cats: Dingee, Arya, and Frank. Stephen is allergic to dogs, so Ny gets her daily dog dose at the hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling, and cooking. Because it is very hard to find Vietnamese foods and grocery stores nearby, Ny had to learn how to make her own food and grow her own produce.