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Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Office Manager

Amerah has been spending time around animals all her life, and loves to serve as a voice for those who can’t always speak up for themselves. Simply put, she loves to make a positive difference in the lives of others—pets and their human counterparts included! Amerah is a proud member of the Veterinary Technician team here at Breton Veterinary Hospital.

Amerah was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in Texas before moving with her family to Pennsylvania during her middle-school years. In college, she began working at an animal kennel to get her foot in the door of veterinary care. After her schooling, Amerah dove even deeper into the profession by specializing in emergency and critical care at a small-animal hospital. In January of 2020, she joined the team here at Breton Veterinary Hospital and couldn’t be happier to continue her veterinary journey as a part of the practice team. 

Around the hospital, Amerah enjoys educating the area’s pet owners on basic care and preventative healthcare techniques, and also looks forward to each and every puppy or kitten visit. She’s also fond of surgical work, which allows her to focus on her special interests of anesthesia and pain management—Amerah considers these areas to be her strong suits, having come from a background of emergency and specialty medicine. 

When time allows away from the office, Amerah loves hiking, traveling—she and her fiancé, Cody, drove from Pennsylvania all the way to the West Coast, stopping in multiple national parks along the way!—and spending time with her dog at home. She shares her life with Midnight, a Shepherd mix whose favorite pastimes include howling at sirens and chasing her ball.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelle is a pet owner herself, and she knows exactly how she would want her own animal companion to be treated at the vet’s office. That’s why she strives to make each and every visitor to the clinic as comfortable, happy, and healthy as possible! Michelle is a Registered Veterinary Technician with the Breton Veterinary Hospital family.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Salisbury University and first entered the world of veterinary medicine in 2006. She became a member of the Breton Veterinary Hospital team in 2012, and she’s been helping the area’s pets and animal owners to live happier, healthier lives ever since. As a Tech, Michelle is fond of performing surgery and loves the instant results these techniques can give, and she’s also passionate about rescue work. 

At home, Michelle and her husband, Mark, live with their young son, Ryan, and a rescued Pit Bull named Cayley. As a family, they love to spend quality time together and especially enjoy taking the boat and jet-ski out on the Patuxent River.


Registered Veterinary Technician

After getting her first taste of the veterinary world from her first job as a receptionist, Erin knew right away that she wanted to learn even more. That way, she would be able to help as many pets as she possibly could. For her, bettering the lives of not only pets, but their loving owners, is a dream come true! Erin is a Registered Veterinary Technician with the Breton Veterinary Hospital team.

Erin grew up in Capitol Heights until moving to Southern Maryland at the age of 10. She began her veterinary journey as a receptionist at a large hospital in Baltimore, and worked her way up the ranks until she was helping pets hands-on in the treatment rooms a few years later. Next, Erin put herself through Technician school and became a Registered Veterinary Technician—she hasn’t looked back since. 

Erin became a part of the Breton Veterinary Hospital family in September of 2020 and couldn’t be happier with her choice. She has a particular passion for dental work, and loves the instant gratification of seeing a dirty mouth become healthy and clean again. Above all, she enjoys seeing the real-world impact that her work has on pets and their loving owners.

In her time away from work, Erin enjoys spending quality time with her husband. Together, they enjoy camping in the warmer months, and they like going for long car rides and visiting new places. At home, the couple shares their home with one dog: Rodney, a grumpy and aging Chiweenie who growls when he gets kisses. 


Veterinary Technician Assistant 

Brittany has been obsessed with animals of every shape and size for as long as she can remember. As a pet owner herself, she knows exactly how she would want her own animal companions to be treated. She strives to impart that same level of care and attention to each and every visitor here at the clinic! Brittany is a proud member of Breton Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

A native of St. Mary’s County, Brittany completed her schooling at the College of Southern Maryland to earn her Veterinary Assistant’s certification. Shortly afterward, she signed on here at Breton Veterinary Hospital in August of 2020. The rest is history! Brittany loves getting to know all of the patients that come to the clinic and helping them to feel comfortable. She’s also fond of working alongside a team of animal-lovers just like herself. 

When she’s not at work, Brittany likes spending time with her family and friends, fishing in the summer months, and doting on her own pets at home. She has three dogs—a Husky named Dakota and a pair of Chihuahuas who go by Pumpkin and Piggy—and she’s also taking care of her sister’s cat while she serves in the United States Air Force.


Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant

Jayne grew up in Southern Maryland with the constant companionship of the family pets. All her life, she’s been caring for the earth’s creatures and always knew that she would love to do so as a member of the veterinary profession. Jayne is proud to serve as a part of Breton Veterinary Hospital’s front-desk team! 

Jayne started working with pets in her mid-20s and then explored other career paths for about five years. When the time came to look for a new opportunity, she knew that she wanted to get back to doing something she was truly passionate about: helping animals live happier, healthier lives. She joined the Breton Veterinary Hospital family in November of 2020. Jayne loves greeting pet owners and their adorable companions at the front desk, and she also likes to jump in and assist the Technicians whenever she can. 

Away from work, Jayne likes spending quality time with her family and her pet at home. She has one cat: Ace, who was brought into Breton Veterinary Hospital by a good samaritan who had found him on the side of the road.