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How to host email on
August 6, 2021
Mail hosting

Duda does not provide email hosting services, so you can’t host email on Duda directly. However, there are email hosts that are easy to set up with Duda.

For examples on classic hosting where you have a cPanel with the site files, to host emails you need to point your MX (mail exchange) DNS records to the root domain, therefore, that won’t work with Duda, as the root domain needs to point to Duda’s servers.

That’s why I suggest using Umbler (this is an affiliate link), on Umbler the mail setup is very easy and plays well with Duda. Umbler is also very cheap, so it makes for a great option.

After you create your account, you can click on email in your Dashboard:

Then you create your mail accounts, then on the domain tab, under “Connect using Third Party DNS records” you can check which DNS records you need to add to your domain provider, it will be 4 MX records, and one TXT record.

After that, your email should be working, with no conflict with your Duda hosted site.

They also provide a tool if you need to migrate from an old email host to Umbler, called

I believe this is the easiest what to host your email on Duda. If you have any questions regarding that, please leave a comment.

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