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6 Cheap Ways To Make Your Dog’s Day
November 19, 2021
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off. We are definitely thankful for our canine companions! Dogs are loyal, loving, and playful, not to mention absolutely adorable. They also serve as living reminders that sometimes the little things really are the best things in life. It doesn’t take much to please Fido. Here, a vet lists some budget-friendly ways to get that tail going!


Playing is not only fun for Fido, it also offers him beneficial mental stimulation and a great workout. Try to make a habit of carving out at least a few minutes of doggy playtime each day. This will keep your furry pal both happy and healthy!


Did you know that many of our canine buddies actually like learning new things? Getting the hang of a new trick or command can be a great confidence booster for your pooch. Plus, dogs really strive to please their humans. You can see how adorably happy Fido gets when he earns praise for being a good boy!


Those daily walks aren’t just about potty breaks for Man’s Best Friend. Dogs pick up a lot of information from scents. Sniffing around helps satisfy your pup’s natural curiosity about his surroundings and offers him mental stimulation. Even if you have a yard for your furry buddy to patrol and chase squirrels in, you should walk your pet at least once a day. Try not to think of taking Fido out as a chore. The exercise and fresh air will be good for you, too!

Comfy Beds

Good bedding is a small luxury that can make a huge difference. Fido will spend as much as half of his time sleeping, so it’s important for him to have a good bed to doze off in. We usually recommend orthopedic beds for larger dogs.

New Toys

Fido is always super cute when he spots a new plaything. You don’t have to break the bank buying dog toys, though. You can make a homemade rope pull by cutting an old towel or tee-shirt into strips, and then braiding them together. Instant tail wags!


The best way to get Fido’s tail going is really just to pay attention to him. That special bond we form with our canine pals must be nurtured! Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us today!
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