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Choosing Holiday Gifts For Fluffy
December 15, 2023

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Or do you prefer to wait until the last minute and do everything in one shot? Either way, it’s safe to say that your feline pal will be quite intrigued by all those bags and boxes you bring home. Fluffy may even lend her a helping hand with gift wrapping! Of course, your kitty deserves her own gifts as well. Here is a list of good gifts for cats from a local Leonardtown, MD vet.

Gifts For Kittens This Holiday Season

Is your feline friend still a kitten? If so, you’re in for an adorable holiday season. Little Fluffy is the cutest, and at her most mischievous at this time of year! 

Toys are of course the go-to here. You may want to hold off on catnip: most kittens don’t become susceptible to it until they’re at least three months old. Of course, Fluffy still enjoys batting at small mice and balls, even if she isn’t affected by the catnip yet.

While you may see a lot of pet furniture on sale, you should probably avoid most kitten-sized items. Your furry pal will outgrow them very quickly! Go for a cat tower with lots of nooks and crannies for your playful friend.

Holiday Gifts For Adult Cats 

Toys are still great options for adult cats. Playing will become increasingly important as your cat gets older. 

By this time, Fluffy will be able to partake in catnip. The classic catnip mouse is fine, of course. (Catnip birds, squirrels, and armadillos are also purrfectly acceptable.) You can also offer your fuzzy pal a live catnip plant, catnip bubbles, or catnip spray. 

Some kitties will never really care for catnip. About half of our feline friends are immune to its effects. Honeysuckle cat toys can be a good alternative For catnip-resistant kitties. For reasons no one knows, kitties that do not enjoy catnip often like honeysuckle. We’ll just add that to the list of kitty mysteries.

Gifts For Senior Cats 

Playthings are still good options for seniors. Olders cats tend to be a bit lazy and spend most of their time sleeping, so they really need the exercise and mental stimulation. (Bonus: as Fluffy enters her senior years, she will likely prefer relaxing in a cozy spot under the tree over attempting to knock it down.) 

Comfort is essential when tending to elderly cats. You can also get some things that make life a little easier for your pet. Consider investing in pet ramps or stairs, or perhaps a litterbox specifically designed for seniors. Also, grooming furniture with a roller brush for your pet to rub against can be highly advantageous.

Pet furniture such as cat towers, cat shelves, scratching posts, window seats, and/or catwalks will still appeal to Fluffy. 

Hi Tech Cat Gifts

Holiday shopping is getting more and more interesting with the advent of modern gadgets. Our feline pals have plenty of options as well! Your furball may appreciate a robotic mouse or remote-controlled toy. You can even download games just for cats to play on your smartphone or tablet. (This is a great way to repurrpose an old phone or tablet.)

Believe it or not, you can even buy Fluffy some programmable paw pads. These ‘speak’ specific words when cats step on the pads. These new products make it easier than ever for cats to control their humans. 

Low Tech Gifts

Not all kitties are interested in the latest technology. In fact, our feline pals have quite simple tastes. One surefire way to score some purrs? Give your furry friend the empty boxes after everyone has opened their gifts. You can even make your feline overlord a box castle with the kids. This is a great kids’ project!

DIY Cat Gifts

Speaking of projects, there are several fantastic DIY possibilities for feline playthings. One option is creating your own catnip mice, which can be done rather easily. Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric into matching shapes. Place the pieces together, with the exterior facing inward. Then, stitch around the edges, leaving a small opening. Use this hole to pull the fabric through. Then, stuff it with catnip before sewing it closed. Then, close it up, and tell Fluffy not to play with it. She’ll probably go right for it!

Gifts For Homeless Cats 

At any given moment, there are millions of adorable kitties in shelters. These sweet cats are all yearning for a loving home. Fluffy really just wants laps to curl up on, and human servants to provide love and affection. The best gift for any of these sweet kitties would of course be a forever home. That’s a huge decision, though, and not something you would want to do without thinking carefully. However, there are still ways to help homeless cats. Making monetary contributions or donating supplies to a nearby shelter, or even sponsoring an adoptable kitty in need of medical aid are great ways to help out.

There are also many homeless cats that are just fending for themselves. Consider putting out cat shelters in your neighborhood. A few storage totes are all you will need. Place one inside the other, with newspaper in between for insulation. Cut a small doorway  in one side, and add a soft blanket. This won’t solve the problem of pet overpopulation, but it may keep a scared, struggling kitty warm at night. Ask your veterinarian in Leonardtown, MD for more information.

Things Any Kitty Will Like

Beds are pretty much a universal cat gift. Fluffy can never have too many napping spots! Store-bought beds are fine, but if you’re creative and crafty, you can also make one. An old suitcase, drawer, or crate can be used for this. That’s a great way to reuse something you aren’t using anymore!

You can also get your furry pal a subscription box. Every month, Fluffy will get to play with new toys and goodies!

Scratching posts are another safe bet. There are some really cute scratching posts and boards out now. Fluffy can do her nails on a manicure station that looks like a taco, a cactus, a hippie van, or a turntable. Or, you can go for something with a retro look, or just pick something that matches your decor. 

You just never know with cats. They may ignore the things you buy them and play with a bottle cap or sleep on a pizza box.

How To Choose Safe Gifts For Fluffy

Always put your furry pal’s safety first. Avoid anything with small parts. Stringed toys are fun, but should not be left out between uses, as they could potentially entangle your cat. You should also avoid pet products made overseas, since not all countries have strict quality standards. (Sadly, some pet products have been found to contain harmful chemicals, such as BPAS and lead. However, that’s another topic.) Avoid anything with small parts that could be choking hazards. For more information, please contact your Leonardtown, MD veterinarian.

Considering your cat’s personality is also important. Shy cats may like comfort items, while a bold, adventurous cat may benefit from an exercise wheel.
The staff here at Breton Veterinary Hospital, your Leonardtown, MD animal clinic, wish you a happy holiday season. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.